I make photos in harmony with the nature. I like a photo which tells a story, it has a soul and its uniqueness. 

I am a dreamer with my head in the clouds. I am a free soul who likes to laugh and cry, who likes to be silent ..but also to shout loud ..I like my bare feet in the dew, the rays of the sun in my face. I like the voices of the forest, streams and meadows. The smell of the wind and the raindrops when the sun shines on them.

…do you want to know even more? My pictures are me ..each of them carries the story of my life, journey, desire and my passion. Each of them is a touch of the moment…each of them is a piece of myself.... 

Pavla, you say yourself that you do a job that you really love. What was your path to photography?

The path to the photo shooting was a bit strange and with detours. I was inspired by Instagram. I wanted to be able to create photos just like people on Instagram. I have to admit I knew almost nothing about photography. I only had an old and simple compact. I knew I wouldn't have made a big hole in the world with such a tool. So I borrowed and old SLR camera from my brother. That was the beginning. I sat outside with the children for hours trying to understand how the camera works, tried to understand what ISO, time and aperture were …an incomprehensible trinity at first. And even though it went well and the images started to appear on the display, I wanted more. After all, I wanted photos like from Instagram. That was why I signed up for my first workshop in my life. As a part of it, I was supposed to learn how to photograph landscapes. What shall I say …..I had no idea what is waiting for me. The old SLR camera has its limits but I was not discouraged. However, a big surprise came the day before my workshop. My husband sold two cows and bought me a new SLR camera. Of course the story continues but its a long story yet to be told.

And when did photography become your profession?

It came to me gradually. I did not believe in myself for a long time. But the positive feedback from people gradually convinced me that my dream can come true and I can make living from photography.

How has this move changed your life?

It changed my life quite fundamentally. Until I started taking photos, I spent all my time around the house. My big dream was to travel and to get to know new places and people. Through photography it came true for me. I travel for both people and animals. Photography is my great passion. It gives me meaning, freedom and creative fulfilment. Animal journeys are full of excitement and tension. These are the challenges I like in my life.

The naturalness of your photos, whether it is in wild nature of in a studio. That is what I admire so much about them. What does the term "nature" means to you?

Nature? It is genuineness, humanity. Don't act or pretend, take everything as it is. Don't take pictures of illusions. I like emotions in photography.

Your passion is to photo shooting of animals. That requires to be patient. Where do you search for the inner piece?

Yes, it is true. Nature photography requires humility, patience and understanding. A photographer must live it, feel it and become a part of the nature around him. Immerse yourself in an energy and perceive light and sounds. The photographer has to adapt to the environment and quietly observe. It takes hours and hours of observation. Winter, rain, heat….You have to love it all. It can never be just about the photograph itself. The very environment of nature gives me inner piece. It is a medicine, it is a teacher. I need the nature for my inner balance.

You grew up with your grandmother, without your parents. How did it affect your approach to life?

I remember my childhood fondly. I grew up basically alone with my grandma, on the edge of a forest. The forest became a home and a place to run away to. A little room and space for getting to know each other. I knew every corner. I caught trout in my hands in the stream, watched birds and bathed in forest pools. I returned to these years with photography. I am back.

How do you pass on your love of the nature to your children?

I am with them and talk to them and answer their questions when they ask. I guide them.